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• Our team consists of experienced laboratory professionals who guide our customers in the appropriate use of current and effective toxicology testing.

• We use state-of-the-art LC/MS/MS instrumentation and laboratory-developed and researched test methods to ensure the highest quality toxicology results; We know what’s at stake when you drug test a patient.

• While we offer traditional LC/MS/MS “confirmation” testing following provider-facilitated or performed immunoassay “screening,” most of our clients use one of our Benchmark testing platforms: Benchmark OFT (oral fluid) and Benchmark UDT (urine), as described below.

We perform oral fluid testing (Benchmark OFT – Presumptive and Definitive LC/MS/MS for 30+ specific drug analytes).

We perform urine drug testing (Benchmark UDT – Presumptive and Definitive LC/MS/MS for 65+ specific drugs) for clients in a variety of practice settings – addiction treatment, behavioral health, family medicine, general practice, pain medicine, and other medical specialties.

Benchmark tests are cost-effective and meet payor medical necessity guidelines for coverage and reimbursement of drugs of abuse testing.

Benchmark tests remove one of the greatest barriers to effective treatment – trying to guess which drugs to test while also remaining within payor and professional licensing board guidelines for drug testing.

Our Benchmark tests return the power of solid clinical decision making to you – the healthcare provider. There are no guessing games or reporting delays typically associated with a traditional immunoassay to LC/MS/MS testing platform.

Our Benchmark tests are useful tools for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) because our testing aligns with ACO care quality and financial goals.

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